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March 16

PDR update: the devil is in the detail

In an article late last year (PDR extension brings confusion, EG, 28 November 2015) I noted that, while the government had, with one hand, given developers their much-longed-for gift of an extension of permitted development rights, the detail around the change in legislation was somewhat sketchy. This meant that the May deadline for completion of […]

Flaming bottles and lost shoes in tacky heaven

Guest blogger Nicky Richmond is still at MAPIC When we left off last night we were on our way to two agents’ parties, conveniently located right at our own hotel. How thoughtful. So we get to the first. You’ve all been to parties like this. Groups of suits chatting together in little circles. No-one breaking […]

Super agents, Russian razors and sweaty cheese

Guest blogger Nicky Richmond is at MAPIC We started well. After laughing with scorn that my husband doesn’t trust me to hold my own passport, I mislaid my boarding pass after it went through the bag x-ray machine. This was because I was on the phone to a client who didn’t actually want to speak […]

Listed buildings and local authorities – Arghhhhh

Guest blogger Nicky Richmond of niche property law firm Brecher is exasperated.  At first, I was quite flattered by the fact that the Conservation Officer was taking photos of the interior of my property.  Perhaps they were impressed by the very beautiful original 17thC beams in the bedroom, or the magnificent walnut floor boards?  No.  […]

Strange new beasts of lending

Guest blogger Nicky Richmond of niche property law firm Brecher looks at the strange new beasties evolving to meet the gap left by traditional bank lending. A few years ago, I used to act only for banks. They used to fall over themselves to lend on property. Sometimes they called it structured finance. Sometimes they lent up […]