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Women in the law

It was interesting to hear Vince Cable’s recent announcement that he is prepared to consider legislation to enforce the government’s target for female representation on the boards of FTSE 100 companies. Why? Because after an initial surge, following the publication of the Davies report in 2011, the pace of change has slowed. The target is 25% by […]

Triumph of the newt romantics

Lawyers must be sure their clients with land interests are insured against wildlife-related hold-ups. Now we all know the answer to the question ‘why did the newt cross the road?’ – because it had to use the £1m superhighway built for it by the developer. This story of a hijacked development in deepest Cambridgeshire is one […]


I’d guess that there are about 300 or so UK-based organisations at MAPIC this year. Out of that lot, 10 law firms. Out of that lot, Blake Lapthorn wins the prize for most legal delegates from the UK, with the grand total of three. Of course, it is entirely possible that serried ranks of lawyers have turned up […]

Arbitrary and Capricious? Not me. (Chancel repairs)

13 October 2013. A significant date and not only because it’s my birthday. It’s the date on which certain overriding interests will lose their overriding status at the stroke of midnight. Broadly, this means that they have to be registered to be enforceable although, as ever, it isn’t quite as simple as that.

My first ever post, for The Lawyer magazine

You can all stop laughing now. Yes, I have been asked to write a regular blog. Who’d want to listen to me you may well ask? Well, I have been musing on why, given that I’m not a legal household name, I have  been given this opportunity.

What’s your policy on policies?

Get a policy. It’s the first thing that most lawyers say, when faced with a missing title document or a restrictive covenant which they aren’t sure about. The thing is, I’ve been a property lawyer for over 25 years and I’ve never claimed on one. Not once.  Ever. A straw poll round the office reveals […]

I wish I knew how to quote for jobs

One of the most problematic and sensitive areas for any lawyer is the end of transaction billing conversation. That is because, at least in the world of property transactions, we don’t have access to a crystal ball and it’s incredibly difficult to quote accurately at the outset. Generally, either client or lawyer ends up unhappy. […]