I’ve  been working as a lawyer for what seems like a lifetime, but really, there’s more to life than restrictive covenants.

A chance encounter on Twitter led to a blog, then an article then more blogs and then this.  I found I quite liked writing about things other than title defects and even though the day job gives me very little time,  the writing doesn’t feel like a chore.  I also find myself in the very privileged position of not having to ask permission to write.

Given that so many lawyers are unwilling or even unable to put their heads above the parapet and give an opinion,  whether it’s about the legal profession or even just what restaurant to go to,  I thought there was space for someone who might actually tell it how it is.  The title of this blog gives you the clue to my approach.

Here are some of my published pieces – all in one place. I write about food as well. That’s on my other blog- The Food Judge Here’s a link to Urbanspoon as well.

The Food Judge London restaurants