About This Blog

I’m known for saying it pretty much as is, hence the title of this blog.  Here, my aim is to strip away the fluff, cut through the lawyer “blah blah blah”, come off the fence and tell it as it is – or at least how I see it – in the world of law and also property, my particular practice area.

Particular bugbears are:

– the  plight of women in the still very male-dominated worlds of law and property;

– how biglaw or biglaw wannabees can damage the legal profession’s reputation for caring about clients and staff;

– the focus by many law firms on things that really don’t matter – not to the client not to lawyers, not to anyone. I’m not into navel-gazing as an excuse for inaction.

I also think that there is no justification for the poor quality of coffee and biscuits served up in most lawyers’ offices .

I’m always happy to discuss anything on this blog, or give an opinion  (unlike many others in my profession ) so please feel free to leave a comment, in my Reply box.