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Sleep. Easy.

“To sleep, perchance to dream –ay,  there’s the rub.” Actually, dreaming wasn’t the problem so much as staying asleep, once I’d managed to actually nod off. I’m not sure when my sleep problems started; probably in my thirties when work started to be particularly stressful and I couldn’t find the off button. Before that I […]

March 14

My MIPIM 2015 posts – all together now.

Day 1 – Memories Just a single glance at the overstuffed diary makes me feel a little anxious. I work out that this is my 19th MIPIM, and that we were in another century when I first started my annual pilgrimage to the Croisette. Things were very different back then in 1996, when my target […]

Using your home as a film set – My piece for The Times

Your property as a film location: legal issues by Nicky Richmond on 30th October 2014 for The Times Owners of unusual or historic disused buildings have a chance to cash in, but what should they do to stay protected? Talk in the village is that the owners of the disused Watlington Station in Oxfordshire were […]