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An Englishman’s home is his castle: developing historic property

Nicky Richmond comments on historic property in a double-page feature for Property Investor News An Englishman’s home is in his castle. So said Richard Mulcaster, headmaster of Merchant Taylors School who, in his 1581 work on parental discipline, the gloriously titled ‘positions, which are necessary for the training up of children’, made the following statement: […]

Mansion Tax: A nightmare on Great George Street

  Rather than benefit the working majority, a mansion tax could, in fact, do the opposite, says Tony Hennessey… Imagine for a moment that it is June 2015. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Ed Balls, is sitting at his desk in the Treasury, reflecting on all that has happened in the tumultuous six weeks since […]

Making a mint: Property investment lessons from the Crown Estate

What can property investors learn from the Crown Estate’s remarkable success, asks Nicky Richmond… The Crown Estate recently won another crown – that of Property Company of the Year 2012. With profits at 5.2% to £252.6 million and a total return of 11.3%, against an industry benchmark of 9.9%, you can begin to see why. Whilst […]

Brownfield sites: why are so many undeveloped?

Whether a site is suitable for housing development will always come down to its location and other site-specific issues. Much has been written in recent years about Britain’s so-called housing crisis – yet millions of acres of brownfield sites across the UK remain undeveloped. Is this a wasted opportunity, or are there other reasons why […]

Historic inconsistency: what’s the regime regarding the development of historic sites and buildings?

Policy direction in relation to historic buildings has shifted over the years, to positive enhancement and conservation rather than simply preserving in aspic. When dealing with historic buildings and sites, the key provisions are found in the main planning legislation and the Planning (Listed Building and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. A wealth of guidance and […]

Making the Grade: How to stay on the right side of heritage property laws

Legal eagle Nicky Richmond runs us through some of the big questions to ask before getting all romantic… Are you carrying out works yourself? Certain unauthorised alterations to listed buildings can constitute a criminal offence. As such, it is essential to take specialist advice before you carry out any works to a listed building. As a purchaser […]

Need to know: new powers for residential tribunals

One of the first cases since residential leasehold valuation tribunals (LVT) were given extra powers on 1 July was heard this week. In the case, an unco-operative landlord was barred from taking part in the hearing under the reforms. What are leashold valuation tribunals? The tribunals were part of the Residential Property Tribunal Service, which […]