Real estate and the dirty business of recruitment

Armageddon.  That’s what recruiters say to me about the state of the recruitment market for real estate.  No one’s hiring, they say, only you.

Yeah, right and if I was to actually believe that, it would not make me feel good in a “oh, clever me, we must be doing something right” sort of way, it would make me feel really anxious, in an “Oh my God, what am I not seeing?” sort of way.  Recruiters take note.

Despite the woeful strike-rate for lateral hires (and see the excellent book written by my fellow blogger Mark Brandon on the subject) external recruitment has to be part of any growth/diversity strategy for smaller firms, as indeed it is for us.  In your niche firm, this function has to be carried out by management.  Indeed, given the cost of getting it wrong, it is essential that we try and get it right first time.

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