October 26


Feeling overwhelmed by the constant need to deal with emails? Never feeling like you are on top of your emails? Using your inbox as a filing system? Wasting too much time looking for that elusive email? Choosing the easy over the important, just to clear your inbox? Worrying that you have missed something important? Feeling […]

March 15

MIPIM 2018 – Plus ça change.

MIPIM. Often derided by people who have never been, who assume that it’s all yachts and champagne, wining and dining, blagging and bragging. After all, there is only one letter between networking and notworking and it’s easy to understand why those who have never been think that notworking is the whole point. But they are […]

January 21

Shop till you stop.

Warning: completely #Firstworldproblems and don’t think I don’t know that. I don’t do new year’s resolutions as a rule. No point in beating yourself up at the start of the year and setting yourself up for 11 months of feeling like you’re a failure.

A simple truth.

Whilst listening  to an episode of This American Life, the brilliant podcast hosted by Ira Glass, I came across this at the end of one of the stories. It was science fiction author Piers Anthony author’s note, from his book Fractal Mode. “One thing you who had secure or happy childhoods should understand about those of us […]

March 16

PDR update: the devil is in the detail

In an article late last year (PDR extension brings confusion, EG, 28 November 2015) I noted that, while the government had, with one hand, given developers their much-longed-for gift of an extension of permitted development rights, the detail around the change in legislation was somewhat sketchy. This meant that the May deadline for completion of […]

November 28

PDR extension brings confusion

Making office-to-residential permitted development rights permanent creates fresh uncertainty for lenders and insurers Written by Nicky Richmond for Estates Gazette Developers up and down the land were breathing a sigh of relief after the announcement on 13 October 2015 of the government’s intention to extend office-to-residential permitted development rights. Insurers, meanwhile, were not quite so quick […]

October 26

How to draw in the suits

Written by Nicky Richmond on 26 October 2015 for Hospitality & Catering News. The lunchtime trade is alive and flourishing in cities – not just London – and towns across the UK. But not every restaurant, despite its location, attracts the lunchtime ‘suits’. Here, Nicky Richmond of Brecher Solicitors provides some key guidance to trading […]